May be 2-3 years ago..not confirm about time, i had sat in the
bus. Bus had stood at bus stop. not remember about place. Next
moment one person enter into the bus. He is look like well
educated,good pesonality, age may be near 40. I was listening songs
with the help of ear-phone. Bus departed shortly. After short time He
asked me "Where are you going?".
I could not hear his voice.
He again asked me "Where r u going?".
This time i heared his voice and then removed my ear-phone from my ear
and replied..not remember about my reply hehehehe.
His next question about me "what are you doing?".
I answered "i am a student of B.Sc.(IT)".
"Ohhhh! You are a student of computer science"He smiled.
I said "yaaaa".
His next question "what you want to become in future".

I answered "i am good in programing, so i want to become a programer
in software engineering".
His next question is always in my mind and in my heart till today.
His next question was "why?".
After long silent in my mind and in my heart, I answered "I enjoy the
He said "ohhh!".
He again said "do you enjoy in palying cricket".
I replied "yes".
He asked "then why you want not to become a cricketer".
I have no answer because every time we want to do
something,everything, but we dont know that why we want to do. In the
whole journey i was silent, i was thinking about his last line, also
that day, even today and not knowing how long.