Art or Science? If at all we are able to isolate one of these as an answer, fitting all situations and all times, we may shout it loud with conviction. We might still be right! However, the world that we live in is far more sophisticated than what we could have ever imagined. When an orphan finds hope of his parents’ existence in the form of stars, does he realize how distant is he from the reality? The psychology of an artist might just revolve around poetries and stories but then life has more to accommodate…symbolized by one of the earthen pots shown towards the end of this story… that’s ‘Science’. This movie is about an artist’s perspective and stresses more upon the need for inquisitiveness. However, in some way or the other, it also compels you to think that life may still not just be only about finding all the answers. It is an attempt to simplify further… to know more… to dare and dream accordingly.